About Tax Smart Advisors LLC

We see service to clients as having two fundamental mandates: to help clients make more and keep more.

The making more part of the equation relates to our decades-long background that makes us skilled and deeply experienced in what we do best – helping our valued clients fully understand their finances so they can make better decisions. With the informed planning we enable, TSA clients are better organized and better prepared. We provide valuable advice on the accounting dimension of financial management, guiding our clients to judgments that reinforce their ability to maximize earnings.

The keeping more largely addresses the tax side of TSA’s service. Our guidance empowers customers to identify and follow through the preparations and actions that help them take the best advantage of their own financial situation as well as the specifics of federal, state and local tax codes. This requires a great depth of knowledge, constantly augmented by continuing education that keeps us abreast of a frequently changing tax code. With TSA’s expertise, our clients pay only the smallest taxes they legally owe, not more.

Making more and keeping more. To achieve these critical aims, consider the value of an accounting firm that delivers utmost expertise, diligence and integrity on both sides of the ledger. A firm that stands by you to help you achieve the very best results.

Our Services

At TSA, we specialize in accounting and tax preparation services for a wide variety of clients. Computerized offices and internet access ensures clients accurate, efficient, state-of-the-art service at a competitive price.

Our Team

William C. Fritz, Jr., CPA, CGMA

Partner, Advisory & Consulting Services
Not your typical CPA – that’s a description I am proud to have earned among my clients and friends. The difference is highly varied career experience that builds on excellent training, enabling me to confidently assess any accounting situation and quickly provide the best solution. For more than 25 years, I have been a successful accountant, consultant and financial manager, mastering the widest possible range of challenges in manufacturing, technology, healthcare and professional services.

Nicole Sears

Partner, Tax Services
I’ve had the pleasure of working with small businesses throughout a variety of industries for over 20 years. While I’m well-versed in all financial aspects of small business management, I prefer to focus my attention on the tax side of things. As a tax specialist, I’m constantly reviewing, reading and researching to ensure that I’m always up-to-date with the ever-changing local, state and federal tax laws, rules and guidelines.

Lauren McCrabb

Partner, Accounting Services
I want to help small businesses succeed and realize their full potential. I love working with our small business clients to assist in the day to day financial and accounting decision making, helping them to promote growth and sustainability in their business. By taking the financial management aspect of running the business out of the hands of the owner, I help them to direct their energy where it’s truly needed – focusing on the quality of the goods or services their business offers.

Joy Schwentner

Office Manager & Client Relationship Curator
With over 30 years of experience, I’m an organized and efficient office manager who thoroughly enjoys working with others. I feel it’s my greatest responsibility to make our clients feel at ease when they’re working with our tax professionals. I’m so devoted to personal service that I’ve been known to deliver tax returns to our clients in person.

What Our Clients Are Saying

For small businesses in which the owner is also the only employee, getting things right in personal and corporate taxes is closely related – and especially important.

Just ask Jayne David. A decade in business, Jayne David Appraisal Services, Inc. of Macungie, Pennsylvania, is a successful provider of residential appraisals. Her services are essential to consumers who are buying homes or refinancing their existing home loans.

Jayne shared an experience common to many of her fellow small business owners. Being good at the work itself doesn’t guarantee that you know what it takes to handle your taxes the best way. “When I started my business,” she said, “I had no idea what to do about some of these things.”

A prime example: should she incorporate or not? With help from TSA, she was able to determine that incorporation made sense for her.

“The fact-finding questions they ask are great,” she said. “You wouldn’t even know what questions to ask.” In this, Jayne is like many other taxpayers. They don’t have the fundamental knowledge of tax codes and accounting methods that it takes to make the best moves to limit their tax liability. “TSA does take time to ask. That’s how they make the business tax structure more effective for you.”

Another major decision Jayne faced as a self-employed person: what to do about health care. “Taking it as an employee of my company turned out to be a much better approach for me. A good tax accountant helps you change your whole mindset – gets you thinking much more like a business.”

Jayne David
Jayne David Appraisal Services, Inc.
Macungie, Pennsylvania

Like many small business owners, Melissa Fisher carries a double responsibility for her taxes, needing to deal with those payments owed by her Allstate insurance agency and her family’s personal tax obligation. With her husband and work associate Tim, she is always concerned about getting this essential part of her life right. The couple says TSA takes the stress out of this part of their lives.

“Bill Fritz is excellent,” Tim said. “He almost always has an answer immediately, and if he doesn’t, he’ll often be back with one inside of an hour.”

“We’ve been with TSA since they first started, and with Bill Fritz longer than that,” Melissa said. “Working with him, we always have peace of mind with our taxes – he’s kind of like a tax therapist.”

Every business – like every family – has its unique tax situation. A licensed representative of Allstate, the agency receives regular 1099 payments from this major corporation. They accept credit cards for some receipts. Recently they borrowed money to move their growing business to a better office space. In all these matters and more, they’ve relied on TSA not only to help them deal properly with the tax implications but also to make good business decisions generally. “Even in struggling times early on, they’ve helped us figure out the best ways to utilize the business,” Melissa said.

When the Fishers had to deal with rehab issues for a family member, TSA helped them preserve funds within an estate that might otherwise have been lost. “Bill looks at the whole picture, not just taxes,” Melissa said.

Melissa Fisher
Melissa Fisher Agency
Kutztown, Pennsylvania

“In some ways,” said Brad Miller of the Ruth M. Miller Agency, Northampton, Pennsylvania, “TSA is a lot like us.”

With his wife Teri Miller, Brad owns and manages this long-established insurance and business services firm. “We cater to the individual, so we think it’s important to get to know you before we work for you,” Brad said, “TSA operates the same way.”

The agency has relied on Bill Fritz for help with their tax work for about five years. They were steered to him by an investment advisor. This careful couple selected his group only after they’d interviewed four prospective accountant firms and chose the one with which they felt most comfortable.

TSA provides them with services on corporate taxes and 1099s. “We’ve found that Bill is always there to help,” Brad said. “It’s a custom service, a flexible one, and you don’t get a bill for everything they do. They’re just straightforward. It’s very good treatment with no b.s.”

Added Teri, “Bill and his team are always professional, always very helpful. They’re conscientious on anything they do for us. They’re personable, but businesslike at the same time. We couldn’t ask for any more.”

Brad Miller
Ruth M. Miller Agency
Northampton, Pennsylvania


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