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For an outstanding combination of professional skill and client attention, trust Tax Smart Advisors. We offer deep experience and understanding across a full range of professional services, while never forgetting that the financial wellbeing of every client is at the heart of what we do. We’ll analyze your individual situation and customize services that respond to and fulfill your specific requirements.

Our services can be categorized into the following general areas:

  • Tax Planning and Preparation
  • Small Business and Entrepreneur Accounting Support
  • Financial Advisory Services
  • Financial Management Consulting


Meet your full tax obligations – without paying more than necessary.  When it comes to minimizing your legal tax liability, effective planning and preparation are key elements. No one has a crystal ball, but informed, expert assessment of your business and personal tax situation can make a decisive difference.  It takes more than a surface understanding to recognize many tax planning opportunities. Expert review and advice from TSA personnel increases the probability that those opportunities will be recognized and you’ll gain the benefit of them. Because we’re always current on the latest tax legislation at local, state and federal levels, we perceive how your business and personal finances may be affected, and guide you accordingly. With our help, you can improve your tax posture, always while fulfilling your tax obligations at every level. 

  • INDIVIDUAL AND BUSINESS INCOME TAX SERVICES - From the simplest to the most complex personal and business tax returns (including those with multi-state requirements), TSA is dedicated to doing the work thoroughly, correctly and promptly. We help you minimize your tax obligations while meeting every lawful requirement. In doing so, we depend on the latest, best technology, including Thomson Reuters Ultra Tax CS professional tax software. Relying on Office Tools software for our practice management and client portals makes it easy to provide your tax documentation with both accessibility and security.
  • SALES TAX SERVICES - Today, local and state tax authorities seek to increase revenues by boosting the sales taxes they collect. With TSA’s help, you’ll understand sales tax requirements and manage your responses to the maximum benefit of your business under the law, as we assist in prompt, efficient preparation of your sales tax returns.
  • ESTATE & TRUST TAX SERVICES - The estate decisions you make today will have consequences in time for your heirs – ideally, positive ones. Wise, proactive estate and trust management helps ensure that your wishes are realized and those you care for receive the legacies you intend. Working with legal counsel, TSA will help structure matters to minimize the tax burden and ease the transition.  Call on us for assistance with issues related to taxes on estates and trusts.
  • BUSINESS ENTITY SELECTION - TSA’s wide-ranging business background is in play when you select the business entity for your company. Sole proprietorship, LLC, LLP, S corporation, partnership or other form: we explain the differences and their tax implications, with guidance to choose the right one for you. As your business grows and changes, the type may need to be adjusted – and we’ll be there to assist.
  • IRS REPRESENTATION - No one wants to be the subject of an IRS audit – it’s time-consuming and worrisome, a situation only made worse if you must face it alone. Having a tax expert on your side can ease the tension and help you to a better outcome. TSA has guided hundreds of clients through audits, making the most of a broad knowledge of law and procedure, delivering all the advantages you’ll want in dealing with the IRS and other tax authorities.


We can offer our range of accounting and business support services on a fixed fee or on an hourly fee basis, depending on the needs of your business. Our monthly small business and entrepreneur support services can be bundled together to include tax services, bookkeeping and general business support - all in one convenient monthly fixed fee.

The following professional services are available:   

  • BOOKKEEPING/WRITE-UP - Regardless of your current accounting arrangements, a TSA review of your bookkeeping status can be a first step toward better business management at many levels. We offer the full scope of bookkeeping and write-up services; just as important, we have the trained eye to spot and share the points at which your system can improve. For businesses in the midst of growth and change, this review is especially important, a perfect way to keep your accounting and financial systems aligned with your business needs.
  • PAYROLL SERVICES - Correct, timely and reliable payroll services are essential to good employee relationships and sound business management. Unfortunately, continual revisions to federal state and local laws and tax regulations make payroll management a moving target. TSA gives you the best in all aspects of payroll today. It also maintains constant knowledge of the regulatory environment helping you anticipate and respond to changes tomorrow. All this produces smooth operation of this critical function, regardless of how your company grows and changes.
  • FINANCIAL STATEMENTS - Getting financial statements right is basic in properly presenting your company and just as important in supporting management’s decision-making. Statements must be correct and well presented, and they should also advance a strong, proper image among partners, lenders, potential purchasers, and other concerned parties. TSA specializes in producing scrupulously accurate, timely financial statements that show our clients in the best possible light.
  • FINANCIAL ANALYSIS - In today’s complex business/financial environment, basing decisions on guesswork and gut instinct can be a recipe for failure. Correct, advanced financial analysis provides hard data that can show decision makers the best path forward: what to accept, what to reject, what to do and when to do it. With specialized prospective analysis, it may also be possible to forecast several alternative scenarios and arrive at the most favorable course of action. This is only one element of financial analyses we offer that can augment the decision-making judgment on which your company depends.
  • SMALL BUSINESS ADVISORY SUPPORT - Almost any business can benefit from the counsel of experienced, knowledgeable accountants. Our professionals can help companies make the most of their purchases, mergers, acquisitions, business planning and other strategic actions. We have a proven record of making our clients more efficient, effective and profitable. We encourage you to call us today to learn more about the wide range of practical advisory services we provide.


In strategic alliance with TSA Financial LLC, we’ll help you with such essential services as estate preparation, asset protection and insurance planning, and advance business planning. We’ll work with you to develop a customized financial program, and we’ll walk you through a step-by-step process that will help make you feel confident in your decisions.


  • ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE SELECTION & IMPLEMENTATION - The options available in accounting software can be overwhelming – cloud computing, software-as-a-service (SAAS), and a dazzling array of other technologies. Getting this decision right is essential. You’ll be living with the choice for years, so you must find software that fits current needs, adapts to future plans, and provides reliable security. Getting clients into the best package for them is a TSA specialty – we base it on careful analysis of where you are now and where you’re going, along with a strong baseline knowledge of the available selections.  The result: a digital environment for your business that’s effective now and flexible for years to come.
  • BUYING OR SELLING A BUSINESS - Purchasing a business - or selling one - is a crossroads of risk and opportunity that demands the most informed, reliable assistance and guidance. Many phases are involved – business valuation, the vetting of prospective buyers, the abiding requirements of due diligence, and much more. We are proud to provide superior services - in valuation, due diligence, and beyond – that can become pivotal parts of the financing and negotiating strategies leading to a favorable deal.

  • BUSINESS CONSULTING - Very few businesses operate in a static situation. Buying new entities, restructuring your current business framework, selling a business or preparing it for a succession step, and countless other challenges – the dynamic realities of your work make the assistance of a seasoned consultant a tremendous asset.  That’s where TSA comes in. We’ll be your trusted partner for astute, analytical guidance that can make the most of the opportunities you enjoy and the decisions you confront.